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Now That I'm Ready To Tell You Everything

Serena Callaway, that morning, a beautiful spring morning, wanted nothing more than a quiet, meditative walk along the streets of her small town, kind of a sexy town with its lingerie shop, adult bookstore, abortion clinic, and strip club.

She wanted to greet the early risers out tending their flower beds, smell the breakfast coffee and bacon in the air, and smile at the antics of the squirrels and rabbits and roaming dogs as they got their day underway.

Then she found a toe, a woman’s big toe, recently pedicured, lying in the street, and began to realize that normal, along with quiet and certainly meditative, just might not be where things were at on that day.

Now That I’m Ready To Tell You Everything, in all its brevity, is a story about a young marriage, about friendship, and about our often flimsy hold on moral certainty. A bit picaresque, a bit quirky? Perhaps.

But Serena Callaway is the sort of level-headed witness to human frailty you’d love to have with you on a frigid winter night when the battery of your car has gone dead, or, as will be seen, when “Household Security” pays a visit to a good friend’s house, or when your best friend’s husband has gotten himself stuck in a culvert.

Above all, though, Now That I’m Ready To Tell You Everything is a fun romp through a single morning as a group of quite ordinary people try desperately to turn average moments into nutty events.