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Welcome - News From Here!

Updates: June 1, 2024 Cold Iron & Home


This is the website of U.S. author G. K. Wuori, an Illinois Arts Council Fellow, Foreword Magazine Book of the Year recipient, and Pushcart Prize winner. In it you will find links to my work, information about my books, a bit of biographical information, a monthly column (see Cold Iron) and an email link. I will answer those emails promptly.

Great News! HoneyLee's Girl was named a runner-up, fiction, for a Maxy Award. Wonderful national recognition! Here's what one of the judges had to say: "Rich characters revolving around murder, and a web well spun by strong writing."

Don't forget to check Cold Iron 260, too: Iron Filings - 82

Here's an excerpt from a review of Now That I'm Ready To Tell You Everything:

Beautiful writing. And there is the book. Full of creative turns, subtle humor, and nourished by a deep, hidden, underground stream: a highly-motivated woman trying to make (or find) sense in the endless, senseless series of people, places and events that make up her life. Now That I’m Ready to Tell You Everything is a gem of a novella, full of unexpected moments of grace, oddly fresh insights and at least one deeply profound insight (page 85) which may have been the pebble in the shoe all along.

A caveat. This is a book that deals frankly with sex; I feel it's meant for readers who have the maturity only experience and time can provide. Keeping that in mind, I can say Now That I’m Ready to Tell You Everything is appropriate for everyone who loves literature.

from, http://www.readingreview.com/realistic/nowthatimreadytotellyoueverything.html

... with a friend, a few years ago

A writer functions much like the great handbrake on one of the old steam locomotives. With a deafening screech and a terrible lurch, life as we live it is stopped for a moment. Words are wielded furiously as the writer says, "Look - this is how it is. This is how we are and what we are and why we are." Of course, that all changes once the giant engine starts up again, and the scenery and the light and the earth itself evolve into the stuff of yet another journey.

A morning view in my world.

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