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Cold Iron consists of random bits of irreverence, surliness, and contumely; sometimes it's even funny. Reading it is entirely optional.

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"Never hit someone over the head with a hot iron. Wait until it cools so you don't burn them."

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Iron Filings - 46

January 1, 2017

Cold Iron 171

At this time of year theres always a temptation whether youre a writer, a diarist, or simply someone blabbing with a friend over some beers to look back in time to summarize the year. Quite honestly, I think it has been an annoying year. As individuals weve been subjected to an almost constant immersion in politics of a most rancid sort; weve had terrorist attacks both here and around the world; we had Zika and Brexit and The Pulse Nightclub; there were blacks being shot by police and police being shot at random; all manner of celebrity deaths from Prince to Gwen Ifill to Debbie Reynolds; we endured Kim Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner and Rodrigo Duterte and Kim Jong Un; the horrors of Aleppo and Venezuela really, it just goes on and on. Ill conclude here by using a favorite quote from my son: Whats wrong with you people?

* * *

On the other hand, this could well be the most interesting year coming up that weve seen in a long time. Of course right now everything is suffused with politics. Democrats are predicting the end of life as we know it and, concomitantly, Republicans are seeing the beginnings of a perfect Republican world as the new president brings peace to the Middle East, men back into the factories, women back into the kitchen, and children speaking only when spoken to. Ive often wondered about that perfect Republican world. As conservatives, of course, they cant be expected to offer up new programs, policies, or even visions. The point, you see, is to conserve, to hold onto something, or to bring back a something that has been discarded over the years. But Ive walked around this block for a few decades now and have always been puzzled over what that something might be that has supposedly been lost. Equally puzzling is that they just dont seem to like anything about contemporary America. I guess, during the next four years, well be seeing what they do like. I wonder if well like it.

* * *

On the third hand, for those of you living on stock market retirement accounts, or who will be sometime in the future, quite respected economists are forecasting pretty much of a bull market, with the Dow projected to hit anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000. Of course the Trumpet will take credit for it, but all of this has been in the works for a long time. Still, the stock market being what it is, its always good to keep a stash under the mattress.

* * *

I wish, during these winter months, that the weather people would quit telling me to dress warm when its cold outside. Im hoping that most of us learned that long ago. Similarly, I dont need to be told to allow some extra distance for stopping my car when the streets are snowy. And, yes, bring your dogs inside when the temp is below freezing.

* * *

Im sure there is a real tragedy here but, as I have done in the past, I simply prefer to cherish the headline (from NBC News): Evanston Man Found Dead Inside Washing Machine.

* * *
Things that never make the newspapers Almost every morning when I go out to get the newspaper in the driveway very early, very dark, very cold Im greeted by a large owl. I cant see it, but it must be very big because its repeated who-hoos are loud and strong. I dont know that owls are necessarily wise, but I like the way they sit up there and stare and give that haunting call, the way they seem to be judging us without mockery. We need that.
* * *
Fringe Binge Report Over the Christmas holiday the Republican National Committee through the Chair, Reince Preibus, and Co-Chair, Sharon Day, released a Christmas message that included the usual homilies along with this true howler: Just as the three wise men did on that night, this Christmas heralds a time to celebrate the good news of a new King. The Twitterati were all over this, of course, both the explainers and the scandalized, but my favorite comment was from one Josh Barro: Guys, calm down. The RNC statement isn't about Donald Trump. It's about Vladimir Putin.
* * *
G.K. Wuori 2017
Photoillustration by the author

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